2019 .UK Policy Consultation

The founding principles of the internet – freedom and open access to information for all – have made it a powerful force for growth and innovation in our society and economy.  

However, this openness is also vulnerable to abuse. There are many troubling examples of serious criminal activity online, from child sexual abuse to terrorism and fraud.   

Addressing these challenges and ensuring the safety of citizens online is essential to increasing public trust and confidence in the internet. It also supports social and economic wellbeing by enabling people to engage in the opportunities presented by the internet and the digital economy.  

Since 1996 Nominet has operated at the heart of the UK’s internet community as the .UK domain name registry. We believe in a world that is connected, inclusive and secure.  

Our policies provide the framework of principles which ensure this ambition is reflected in the .UK namespace. As the environment in which we operate evolves, we actively engage with a wide variety of UK stakeholders to ensure that the policies we maintain reflect emerging threats, changes in stakeholder expectations and new industry practices. This ensures that .UK provides a platform for innovation and remains a competitive and trusted space preferred by businesses and consumers.  

This consultation seeks input on three important issues:  

I. Reducing the use of .UK domain names for phishing attacks 

II. Implementing law enforcement landing pages following suspensions for criminal activity 

III. Implementing a .UK drop list to provide a transparent and orderly process for the re-registration of expired domains 

Ensuring .UK policies reflect current expectations of the UK internet community is an ongoing process of continuous improvement. We have therefore also included a forward looking roadmap and invite stakeholders to submit issues of interest for consideration in future .UK policy discussions. 

We invite stakeholders to:  
  • Send written responses by 16th December 2019  
  • Attend a roundtable in London on 4th December. You can attend all sessions, or only the one that interests you. Phishing 9:30 – 11:00, Landing pages 11:30 – 13:00, Drop lists: 14:00 – 15:30. Register at www.nominet.uk/roundtable